On this page you can find a selection of answers to our most frequently asked questions for the Bergson Bowling

    Sometimes when I bowl, I see pins floating away?

    Generally, we have seen this when a sim server is experiencing lag (or its resources are tagged). To try to minimize this, have your bowlers cut down on unnecessary attachments. Also, be sure to not be running an excessive amount of scripts on your parcel. Lag is a common theme in parts of Second Life ' do your best to keep the sim server resources freed up!

    How do I update my bowling lane?

    If you have a version with a working update feature, you can left click on your CCM, Owner, Update. This will reach out to the update servers. If an update is available, one will be dropped to you. You can check to see if an updated version is available by going to Bergson’s Bowling Center and checking out the information desk. If one is available and your update feature is not working, please submit a ticket from our website.

    How long is a lane reserved for after a game?

    A lane can be put on reserve (w/ no activity) for approximately 5 minutes.

    I have a lane that has been on reserve for way more than 5 minutes

    Sometimes there are glitches (especially in Second Life). Our recommendation is to uninstall the impacted lane. However, if you want to maintain your numbering system on your lanes, we would advise to uninstall and reinstall each lane at your location.

    My scoreboard says “No scores recorded…"

    Please verify that you have Score Tracking turned on. To do this ' left click on your CCM, Owner, Settings, Save Scores, and Select On. However, it may take an hour for your local scores to begin to display on your scoreboard. It is not immediate. We have built a delay into the system to allow for proper validation of the scores as they are being recorded.