Clarification on Skilled Gaming
posted by Phill Oddfellow
on 2014-09-01 02:28:00

Second Life's new Skilled Gaming policy comes in to affect today (September 1st 2014) and the team would like to clarify our position at Bergson Bowling as we have received questions from players who were concerned about how the new policy might affect their game. Linden Labs introduced a Gaming Policy back in 2007 which outlawed gambling games in Second Life. However, Linden Dollar payouts were still permitted for games of skill; because the policy only covered games where the outcome was determined by random chance. The new Skilled Gaming policy going in to place today is an attempt to further regulate the skill games which offer Linden Dollars payouts as a reward.

We have highlighted the rules we believe the Bergson Bowling System applies to below, according to Linden Labs definition of a skill game:

What does Linden Lab consider a skill game?
“Skill Game” refers to any game: 1) whose outcome is determined by skill and is not contingent, in whole or in material part, upon chance; 2) requires or permits the payment of Linden Dollars to play; 3) provides a payout in Linden Dollars; and 4) is legally authorized by applicable United States and international law.

Our Stance.

The Bergson Bowling System does not provide a payout in Linden Dollars (or any substitute items of monetary value) and as such we do not meet clause three of their definition. We believe that our game does not classify as a skill game under these terms. Therefore, pay-to-play options will remain in our game and may be used at the discretion of the game’s owner to recoup the costs of the game and parcel rental. We have no current plans to make our game a "Skill Game" under these terms.

If our plans change we will tell you about them here.