How to Install Lanes

Installation Procedure

NOTE: If you have a previous version of the Bergson’s Bowling System (Bergson’s Bowling Lane), please uninstall each lane and delete each one. You also may want to check for rogue prims prior to installing your new Bergson’s Bowling Lane. To do this, please view the instructions for Cleaning Up Rogue Pins/Prims from the Bergson Bowling System.

  1. Rez one of the Bergson CCM’s (either CCM A or CCM B - do not rez both). Please be sure to place this in a location that is easily accessible to your guests.

  2. Rez a fresh copy of the Bergson’s Bowling Lane from your inventory.

  3. Position the bowling lane into pts permanent location (this includes x,y,z values and rotation). Be sure that the lane is at a rotation that is flat (not tilting up or down), as this may cause issues during gameplay.

  4. Continue to place your other lanes at your location and set them into their permanent location. The footprint of the Bergson Bowling System is (5m wide x 25m deep x 5m tall). Typically, we recommend offsetting your lanes by precisely 5m (left or right axis). NOTE: Be sure to place copies fresh from your inventory. Do NOT attempt to copy from an existing lane. This may create gameplay issues.

  5. Once all of your lanes have been placed and are properly aligned, you must install each lane. Click at the end of the bowling lane (where the texture is) and select “Install” from the menu. We recommend that if you want your numbers to appear in order, start with your furthest lane to the right and install it at the appropriate max number of your lane. Work your way back to 1. NOTE: Be sure to let each lane finish its installation process BEFORE proceeding to the next lane install. When you are ready to go to the next lane, you will see text in local chat indicating that the lane installation has finished.

    Example: If you have created a bowling center which features 4 lanes and they are all sitting side by side. Select the lane furthest to the right to start with (as you are facing the lanes, as if bowling). In this example, you will start with the lane furthest to the right and install it as “4”, then move to the left 1 and install it as “3”, then move left for “2”, and move to the furthest left for “1”.

  6. If using the Bergson Scoreboard, please drop it at this time and position it.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: DO NOT MOVE (POSITION, ROTATE, or DELETE) A LANE WITHOUT UNINSTALLING IT FIRST. You run the risk of creating rogue prims and interfering with your gameplay experience.